Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Event: My Bandage Dress ft Luxy Accessories

The Equinox Fashion had an opportunity to participate in one of the events hosted in Birmingham, United Kingdom a few weeks ago. The event I attended was hosted by "My Bandage Dress" Women' online retailer which offers a lot of girly yet sexy clothing styles. 

I had not known about this online retailer until I received an email from the company, and now My Bandage Dress has been listed as another brand to watch. The brand has obtained a pretty good feedback not only from bloggers in United Kingdom, but also the customers who are looking for pretty outfits to wear in daily lifestyle (Yes, they are shipping worldwide!). Even though, I rarely wear this type of clothes, there are several pieces I love! 

The fashion show was lovely and I am pretty sure that loads of bloggers who attended the event were really interested in the designs and fabric as much as I did especially the faux fur jacket, one of my most favourite piece from MBD so far. You gotta see that simply but delicate texture, as well as, summery prints on the clothes. They are amazing to be filled in the wardrobes! 

Also, "Luxy Accessories" products were also exhibited there. If you are looking for a beautiful statement piece or luxurious necklaces for a special occasion, Luxy Accessories can be another option to fulfill your needs.

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Who You Really Are

Mom:"When are you gonna wear pink dress or any feminine outfits like any other girls do?
Me: "I don't know...I really don't know

My mom has been repeating this question over and over, still my answer is the same. My wardrobes are fulled of monochrome pieces and I constantly in love with them. Never bored with black clothes nor items purchased from street fashion markets. However, I have recently thought about buying more colourful products and keeping them in my wardrobes just in case I desperately need a cheerful outfit for special occasions. Since I can't just wear black outfit to the events all the time, can I?

Personally, I feel extremely not confident when I wear such girly outfit. Sometimes, I wish I could wear something like any other girls wear but I don't feel like it's gonna happen soon. When I studied in high-school, I was really a sweet girl who cared about every single person on earth. I usually wore a skirt when I went out with my friends or even spent my money dresses all the time. But again, I was the target of criticism and judgement from people (no kidding but even my classmates also had fun talking about me). I felt horrible through the days I was in my high school life...seriously. 

Then I had an opportunity to go to the states where my attitude has started to changed. I have initiated the idea of getting tattoos, piercings etc and that's why my so-called friends started acting against me because they thought that I changed so much that they couldn't accept. I am still the same person but different attitudes, that's all. 

After that, I have taken a look closely to myself, and listened to my voice more and more. And I guess "Street fashion" is the right answer for me. I feel more confident when I put such style on my daily outfit. I feel like I don't even have to be scared of those people who look at me like they have something to say. Call me crazy, but I feel as if these clothes are encouraging me to be who I really am today. 

Well, it is me and I love it like this. 

Necklace- Majique London
Bag- Catseye London
Shoes- Fashion Union

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Update: Life in Manchester

It has been almost two months since I moved here, so many things going on including the life balance between blogging and studying. My "Life in Manchester" is all about "time management" I assume. 

I had felt a bit insecure before I moved here because I hadn't had any ideas of what was going to happen, would I be able to make it, what should I do to reach more brands and etc. However, the more I obsessed about those thoughts, the more I was going to have a heart attack or stress to death lol Therefore, the only thing I tried to convince my self was "You will only know when you are already there

I give all my effort in The Equinox Fashion, my blogging sphere known as my other half. And it all pays off because now I have received emails and contacts from brands, also done a couple of photo shoots so far. It is not merely about working with brands, I also be able to meet lots of people both in this industry and my MA course. I feel really blessed to have these wonderful people surrounded because at least they make me smile and support me of no matter what I do. Have you met anyone who discourages you so far? No kidding, there are tons lol But who give a f****? I don't since I don't really want to waste my time thinking about what others thinking about me. It's useless just to think about those who don't even know who I am. 

It is quite hard to balance my life right now since I have to blog, as well as, study at the same time. I hadn't expected master degree would be such hardcore, but I guess I have to get a grip and continue working on it. It is totally different from Bachelor degree (trust me)! Anyway, this is what I have chosen, so I am the one who responsible for it! 

However, I am so in love with my life right now. I don't know why but I feel like this is the right decision to be here. 

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Event: Little Black Dress in Manchester

Another event to go in Manchester, The Equinox Fashion was invited by Little Black Dress to take part in its exclusive party hosted in the heart of Manchester last month. It was another event I love since it's all about LBD or "Little Black Dress" All time favourite signature colour. 

Little Black Dress is a great "must have" option for women since it can be very handy yet elegantly when we desperately need it. I always choose black dress for the night time occasions, or even fashion events since it is such a classic colour which embraces the majestic vibe and chic sensation.

What do I love about this collection? 

For me, "texture" is the wow factor of the night. I love such fine embroidery designed and beautiful fabric. I actually love the place of this event as well because Little Black Dress wanted to present this brand new collection in a high-end style. So "it was perfect, on point, and fabulous."

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

From Self-Destructive Routine to Master Degree

When I was 19 years old, I felt like education wasn't that important nor did I give a s*** about it. I felt as if I knew everything, I acted as an adult who know what's good for me. Therefore, studying wasn't what I really wanted to do in those days. However, in the age of 25, personal attitude towards education has critically changed. 

I assume that almost everyone of us might come across the idea of "I know everything because I am grown up now" Yep, me too. I didn't even realize how vital the education was because all I wanted to do was work, save money and get a tattoo (Even though, I haven't gotten it done yet lol) I was studying at Chulalongkorn University, the top ranked university located in Bangkok, Thailand while I had a chance to go to the states in almost every Summer in order to work and live my life. As they say "Live life to the fullest" I really lived my life with such self-destructive routine. I worked and partied a lot, drank alcohol way too much more than healthy drinking water. I thought it was so cool to go to the concerts and chilled out til 4 am in the morning just to party and have fun. I'm not saying it was wrong, but what I'm trying to say is "Nevertheless my life in those days was hectic, I don't even regret any single minute since it is my life's lesson

C'mon you can't do something like that when you are 40 years old, can you? All those experiences have shaped me to be who I really am today. Like I said, I thought it was cool to do so, but I guess the more years pass, the more you realize that what you thought was somehow ridiculous. I thought I could live my life by working at junk food stores or department stores, but I was totally wrong. 

Some people asked that why would I continue on Master Degree when I have already been working as a fashion blogger? Simple answer is "nothing lasts forever." Nothing is predictable unless we work our asses off to reach that goal. I accomplished my bachelor one in Arts, and now I'm studying Master Degree in international fashion marketing management. I think this course is definitely supporting my career as a blogger because there are so many things to be learnt including organisation and product development. I think being blogger is not just about wearing clothes, and posting on your blog though. What if you want to create your own brand in the future? What if you may become a part of the renowned company? What will you do without education? How could you even apply to it?

I just think that having degree would be a great benefit for long term accomplishment. From a party girl like me, I still encourage you guys to take a consideration in education. 

You won't regret it

Necklace- Majique London

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

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