Friday, January 30, 2015

Get 20% Off from Girl in Mind

I have started to do some more experiment in onl ine shopping lately since I want to find out why some people prefer such shopping option to department stores, and how the online retailers known as fast fashion industry can become sustainable in terms of business, as well as, customers' behaviour. I am more to online marketing more and more in everyday since I love to think and see how things work (and obviously my project for MA course), therefore online shopping experience can be one of the experiences which lead to the final outcome of how come such online business is the trend of 2015. 

One of the topics I have found is that the customers are so varied that every online retailer has to separate or do the segmentation in order to fulfill the needs of different consumers. 'Celebrity Inspired' is another group of people who love to dress and get that look of celebrities, and I think I would love to suggest my experience of shopping with 'Girl In Mind' with you. 

In house designed products by Girl In Mind are all inspired from well-known celebs, and people in the industry. Even though, I don't really dress up or inspired by divas, I LOVE the selections provided on the website. The layout of the page also designed in such simple and clean, quite easy to browse compared to some shops which can be a mess sometimes. Another reason why I love Girl In Mind website is that the brand actually knows itself. The layout of the website's designed in a girly style due to the character of the brand which is really important. Every brand should have its own story, and that's how it creates the uniqueness. 

In terms of fabric, I absolutely love the high-quality of the materials. I had a bad experience about online shopping once when the quality of the fabric is like 100% crap. The shirt doesn't even look like the website tbh. However, Girl In Mind's quality is really meet the standard of good online retailers. Also, the price is affordable.

Try and experience for yourself with 20% off when purchasing, just enter "GIRL20" and select your favourite products!

Jumpsuit- Girl In Mind
Faux Fur Jacket- Primark
Heels- Dr.Martens
Sunglasses- Lespecs
Hat- H&M

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Improve Your Day Effectively x Ikrush

I have been busy these days due to daily blogging, working at model agency Cliche Models and continuing on my Master Degree, therefore managing the time in everyday life is absolutely crucial to me. Some people ask how can I cope with everything when I am so busy that I don't really have time to do anything trivial, but still manage to sleep around 1 or 2 am every night. I really don't know how or what to answer such question because all I know is I love working. There are some activities which I do daily yet feeling not overwhelmed 

1.) As a street fashion blogger, I blog constantly 

I don't know about you but if you would love to work in this industry, you gotta put all of the effort into it. Some people take blogging as a hobby, but for me I still confirm on my words that 'The Equinox Fashion' is my career which leads me to many great opportunities that I won't be able to find anywhere else. I blog a few days a week but connect with social media everyday. It is one of the marketing logic that ''we'' have to stay connect with people out there so that our blog or voice will be heard. If you want others to read your blog, then you have to go and introduce yourself first, isn't it? 

2.) Don't let Instagram kill you

I have seen some people on Instagram like 24/7 and I feel a bit strange like how they can manage to look at the screen all the time? Although, Instagram is one of the best marketing places in terms of social media platform, it can affect your insecure about followers. Like I mentioned before that this online tool is great but somehow people might feel like competing against one another due to the amounts of followers shown. So, my advice is to go with the flow don't be desperate about followers. Everything happens at the right time. I don't really care how many followers I have or how many others have because this is my work and I just wanna take it slow but potentially. 

3.) Read the news

In the previous post, I have suggested that reading the news is important to catch up with what's going on in the world, however, I choose to absorb only ECONOMY and FASHION news. I love marketing, so I love to think about the current situation especially business and money. I don't want to see blood, tears or any crimes because I only go for positive vibe. 

4.) Work Out! 

Please guys, I really recommend you to go out and exercise because it is so damn good for your health! Don't wait until 45 to realize that working out is good. I used to go to the gym, but now I prefer to stay home and watch Youtube. If you do almost everyday, the result is similar to the gym routine trust me. I don't believe in any supplementary food or any kinds of pills advertised on social media since I think that working out is still the greatest result if you want to get the long term solution. Also, I choose not to consume chemicals in my body since my everyday in the city is surrounded by enough pollution. 

So, these four are my daily activities that I HAVE TO accomplish or else I would feel guilty at the end of the day. You can choose to do whatever you want, but don't forget to 'balance' your time. That's the key!

About the outfit- My style is provided from Ikrush and I absolutely love this 90s look which reminds me of my childhood! I chose to wear this jumpsuit with choker because I wanted this look to be my all black signature. Personally, I don't really wear the jumpsuit that much, however, I think I would change my mind from now on since this jumpsuit suits me perfectly. I mean, I really love the texture of the fabric that smoothly fits my body shape while making me look slimmer due to the pitch black colour. Also, I decided to mix and match the look with this 90s vibe choker since I have been in love with this tiny item lately. 

Apart from the silhouette, I love the contrast of fabric. High-quality material doesn't come with $$$ because you can always find the treasure hidden somewhere. This light-weight polyester can be worn to many occasions and there's no need to be ironed after washing. Convenient isn't it? Due to my busy schedule, I don't have time to iron my clothes, so this jumpsuit has become another selection I prefer to go with. Another reason why I would love to wear this product again and again is that it contrasts my hair flawlessly. My hair is in three shades of ombre right now, so black outfit always be my priority. 

You guys can find a wide variety of jumpsuits, as well as, others items offered by Ikrush, and I can guarantee that you gonna love the fabric like i do! 

Jumpsuit- Ikrush
Choker- Ikrush
Heels- Dr.Martens
Jacket- H&M

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

#GTLChristmas Calendar

The Equinox Fashion had a really good opportunity to do another collaboration under the campaign of "#GTLChristmas Calendar" with Get the Label. However, I wasn't the only blogger participated in this photo shoot since there were other influential UK's bloggers such as Victoria from In the Frow, Lurch Hound Loves, Hannah Louise F, That Pommie Girl and Kayla Hadlington as well. 

I woke up around 7 or 7:15 ish in order to get ready in the morning. I was a bit sleepy to be honest because I am not an early bird person lol However, the show must go on! All the bloggers did the Christmas Calendar photoshoot at Get the Label's HQ located in Salford which is not really far from where I live. It was a really good opportunity to meet the team in person because I had only contact with Natalie from GTL via email before. Everyone's so nice and friendly, even though it was my very first time meeting them. Other bloggers are very active and deserve to be 'influential bloggers' since they work so professionally. 

The purpose of this calendar shoot's to raise the money for the kid's charity 'The Cash for Kids Mission Appeal wants to raise £1 million worth of toys to donate to Manchester's poorest children this Christmas

If you would like to purchase the calendar, you can visit GTL's blog for more information

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015


 I love to eat Thai food not just because I am Thai but finding the right restaurant is a bit challenging also. Thai food is quite complicated in terms of delicate ingredients and cooking methods, so to find the right restaurant which can actually provide you THAT authentic taste is hard, especially when you are abroad. There are a wide variety of Thai restaurants established worldwide but not all of the restaurants can make the diners say 'wow' 
However, I have come across one of the restaurants located in the heart of Manchester, United Kingdom, called "Thaikhun" where it makes me feel like home. 

As a part of Millennium Hotels & Resorts, The Equinox Fashion was invited to participate in the campaign of "Blogger's guide to Manchester"in order to introduce a place to visit in Manchester. Hence, I wouldn't even hesitate to recommend Thaikhun to the readers since I just feel like I would love to present the place that truly offers the 'genuine taste' of Thailand.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit Thaikhun myself, and I spent almost two hours provided with amazing food and excellent service. My first impression has to be the decoration of the restaurant because it looks really street style to me. How could the restaurant even manage to get some of the rare items that might not be able to be found in nowadays!? If you have ever been to Khaosarn Road (My favourite place) You'll definitely love this place. Also, I just love the fact that the restaurant is very neat and clean!

I ordered lots of foods included dessert like Pandan Pancake last night. The starter I selected was Por Pia Sod, healthy veggie wrap with fresh prawns, while my friend went for Moo Dad Diew. The vegetables were really fresh and I love it because I am a person who really concern about the quality of  the food, however, Por Pia Sod looks a bit like Vietnamese food to me because in Thailand this dish is different. The sauce also differs from the ingredients used in Thailand, however, I assume that it might be hard to find the exact same ingredients in UK since there aren't many Asian markets unless you have to import everything from the original country which might cost a lot in logistic. Besides, I understand that the taste has to be adapted because Thai people (not including me) eat really spicy food. Therefore, for the pleasure of the diners here, the food has to be adjusted but still tasted in Thai style.  

For the main course, I have to say that I love eating Pad See Eiw so much! It tasted really delicious I must say. My friend also ordered Mad Sa Man Gai (Chicken curry) which is not a spicy dish but more sweet and creamy, good for those who love coconut milk. 

Prawn crackers

Por Pia Sod

Moo Dad Diew

Mad Sa Man Gai

Pandan Pancake

So if you have a chance to visit Manchester, don't forget to try Thaikhun, one of the restaurants in town which I would love to recommend!

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cliche Models Management

If you have followed The Equinox Fashion on Instagram or any other social media platforms, you may be able to notice that I am currently working as a team of Cliche Models Management, North West's top model agencies based in Manchester, United Kingdom. 

Apart from blogging and communicating with you guys through The Equinox Fashion, I also act as an office assistant whose duties are covered in both the main website and daily tasks. Even though this modelling industry is quite new to me, I pretty much enjoy involving with the team since I can actually participate in everything, as well as, adapt my beloved blogging skills to improve the efficiency of the company. I have been working with the models for a few times during the days at Zalora Thailand, and the Couture Fashion Week in Bangkok, Thailand, so I kinda know what to expect in this industry. 

Last year, I did an internship in London, however, this time in Manchester is gotta be the whole new experience because I am not a blogger outreach anymore. On January 17&18, 2015, I even had a great opportunity to join 'casting day' which was hosted at Cliche Models' HQ. As a team of Cliche Models, I can say that we have received a really good feed back from the candidates because there were approximately 40 to 50 applicants came for the casting. Can I just say that I love how this agency has managed to run the business by perceiving the word 'beauty' in every form of characters and styles because for Cliche, modelling is not only restricted to those with perfect bodies or beautiful faces. 

I actually happy to work in this place, though it is the new environment for me. I love meeting new people and learning from their experiences since this is me, a person who loves to observe and listen to others. 

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

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